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Our Story

ROOT was born out of a shared love for good food between 5 friends. 

From the moment Los Angeles’ quarantine was lifted in the Summer of 2020, the five of us were inseparable. We spent those strange months leaning on each other -  surfing, camping, and playing poker, but what we loved most was cooking and sharing a meal together. That Summer, as we walked through our grocery stores planning our next meals, we saw empty shelves and soaring food prices that made us question if grocery stores, which were always a constant privilege in our lives, were as secure as we had always believed… We realized that our current food system, which we are inextricably dependent on, is our biggest vulnerability. 
If we continue to rely on industrial agriculture - a system that degrades and destroys the environment, produces nutritionless foods, and is susceptible to global crises… life might start to look a lot like Interstellar, but without Mathew McConaughey heroically flying into space to save us. Something needed to change. We wanted to eat food that was sustainably sourced, nutritionally dense, and supported our local economy. Rooted to our values, we found ourselves buying most of our food from the few farmers’ markets that were open at the time. But we struggled to find where these markets were, when they were open, and what they were selling.
As we discussed the inaccessibility of our local food sources over Alejandro's famous 7-hour bolognese… it finally clicked. Why don’t WE create a platform that connects communities to their local food sources? A week later, driving back from the surf mecca, San Onofre, we coined the name “ROOT” and we never looked back… Sent back to our schools with the determination to start ROOT, we held weekly Zoom meetings to work on our business plan and prepare for our return to Los Angeles. 2 years later, and we couldn’t be more excited to be immersed in the Los Angeles local food scene, helping to increase access to the delicious food that we fell in love with during the pandemic, and the wonderful people responsible for making it. Follow us as we grow as a family and a company and join us in living rooted

- Nick, Neil, Diego, Sophia, and Alejandro

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