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Meet Bearclaw Kitchen

Welcome to Gourmet Specialty Greens, where our farm's journey began with a single seed and a passionate dream. Founded by a visionary farmer named Ale, our story sprouted from a humble backyard garden. With tender care, dedication, and a dash of innovation, our farm bloomed into an abundant haven of exquisite produce, nurtured for your culinary delight.

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Our Story

Hey there, We're Gourmet Specialty Greens, your go-to farmers market vendor for incredible, farm-fresh produce. I'm passionate about quality and sustainability, carefully cultivating a wide range of vibrant greens and vegetables to excite your taste buds.

From tender baby arugula to exotic microgreens bursting with flavor, my hand-picked selection is a feast for your senses. As a team of knowledgeable farmers and food enthusiasts, we take pride in offering the finest gourmet greens that are anything but ordinary.

Let me elevate your culinary creations with my extraordinary produce – join me at the market and experience the difference firsthand!

Contact Us

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you have!


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