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Our Dinners


ROOT was born out of a love for sharing meals with our friends and family, using the freshest ingredients available and with Root dinners we continue our tradition of fostering a community bound by local food. Let the five of us cook for you an unforgettable dining experience where every dish tells a story and is seasonally sourced from Farmers’ Markets and local food havens.

Experience what it means to live Rooted with ROOT Dinners — a celebration of community and local foods.

ROOT Dinners are intimate gatherings tailored to each host's unique wants and needs. We will curate a menu to your liking, and source the ingredients on the day of the event to ensure you receive the highest quality products. Our team will prep, cook, and serve each course of the meal while narrating the story behind every ingredient. We provide the experience of meeting the farmers and producers behind your meal and all of the benefits that come with supporting and consuming local food.

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We can't wait to eat with you

-Nick, Neil, Diego, Sophia, and Alejandro

Interested in Attending/Hosting A ROOT Event

Interested in Attending a ROOT Event: Ready to savor the flavors without the fuss? Join us as a guest at a ROOT event, and be the first to learn of other events happening soon. 

Interested in Hosting a ROOT Event: Be the curator of your own culinary experience! Sign up to host a ROOT event and enjoy the delight of locally sourced goodness with friends and family.

Previous Events

Bread & Butter

ROOT's first-ever social event, inviting the community to meet new people over the love of bread and butter.

ROOT Fall Harvest 23'

This was a six-course meal, with seasonal fruits/produce carefully selected from the Manhattan Beach Farmers Market...
IMG_0191 2.JPG

ROOT Pilot Dinner 23'

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